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( ABS Series and IC card terminal )

Use example (ABS Series and IC card terminal)

Operation of point service
Prepaid service Patient's registration card


Variations of abundant card reader writer terminals that can be chosen by usage. The terminal matched to the service style is checked.

[Online type]
Type that is connected with personal computer and POS, and controlled.It is suitable for a multiple store and a large-scale store.
[Standalone type]
Type that doesn't connect with personal computer and POS, and is single and functions. It is suitable for a small-scale store.
It is convenient type for carrying . It is also possible to build it in the POS register. It is suitable for the installation in delivery business and the taxi etc.
● "Felica" is technological method of the contactless IC card that Sony Corp. developed.
● "Felica" is registered trademark of Sony Corp.
● The "mobile wallet " is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
● "MIFARE" is registered trademark of the NXP Semiconductors Co.