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A thought of a developer
Development charge of Card reader writer terminal Takuma Mizunaga   Development of terminal where safety and pleasure are given
2 sections of development that I belong to performs the software design of the card reader writer terminal mainly.I have you use our product in various scenes of many parts of the world without it is with the various wide lineups including a standalone type and the online type that is not available of the keyboard that a keyboard sticks to in a magnetic card and a contactless smart card, a terminal even if I say a card reader writer terminal to a mouthful, and remaining in Japan. Doesn't also looking at here have many directions referred to as having used the product of our company unawares with the point card of the supermarket etc.? In development of goods, a visitor can use it in comfort and it is trying to develop the thing which it is convenient and is easy to use.
Although troubles are suffered in many cases, if the goods which we designed are more helpful to society, work of development is pleased with you and it merely kicks, it is happy. Although the contactless IC card has spread in the past several years, a thin and cheap magnetic card is also still living. I think that the card reader writer terminal which can meet the request of a customer can be offered. Since various customize according to a customer is also possible, please give us  the examination of the card reader writer terminal of our company by all means.