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Question and Answer

Q-01 What kind of card can we use?
Answer Thermal PET and the rewrite and leuco rewrite card , etc. can be used.
Each card has the feature, and choose according to customer's needs, please.

○Thermal PET (postscript type print method)

It excels in the cost performance. It is suitable for the thing used as a large amount of scattering card at the introduction first time.

○PET cloudiness rewrite (rewrite type print method)

I will produce a white character to the silver surface and produce colouring and a beautiful card. The repetition of about 500 times can be printed, and it is suitable for wanting to suppress the running cost.

○PET leuco rewrite (rewrite type print method)

The feature of the character of blue or black in the white ground is to print excelling in colouring and the visibility. The card that the design insertion in the print part is possible, and fashionable can be made.
Q-02 Does the profit go up by introducing the point service?
Answer It is effective if it says by a general story. However, it is not a translation because it depends on operation for a considerable part effective only in the introduction of Point Card and the terminal.It is an important point how the point is used, and a product is utilized and promoted. We are having customer management software manufactured as the help in the cooperation company of our company.
Q-03 What should we do about the design of a card?
Answer A logo, image data, etc. of a store should prepare the material considered to be required for a design. You arrange concrete designs, such as the business and arrangement of a store, and a color, on it.
Moreover, of a customer , since it is also possible for you to prepare a design in the state of data (for creation form not to have specification specially) based on a material, please confirm to distributor of our company.
Q-04 When switching from the card reader writer of the other company, can it use being able to continue an old card? Moreover, is also customer data recyclable?
Answer In a stand-alone type case, the card of other makers' product cannot be continued and used.It may be possible for you to reuse, although the system of data is also approached about customer data.In a communication type case, you need to consult to the company which created application.
For details, please consult with distributor of our company, or our company operating charge.
Q-05 Can additional introduction to the increased store be performed? Is the card reader writer of current possession dealt with again?
Answer When I have apparatus increased by extension of a store etc, it is extending in the same setup as the apparatus of use, and common use can be satisfactorily carried out with elegance conventionally.
Moreover, even when the apparatus of use has ceased, it is possible for me to be allowed to introduce a succeeding machine and to be allowed to carry out equivalent correspondence.
However, the decided code of each user must be used, and we must get the consultation in our sales agency when adding it.
Q-06 What flow does the card reader writer introduction become?
Answer All the terminals become the build-to-order manufacturing. Because it can take from 1 month to 2 months by a terminal, please examine introduction schedule while having at first us sales agent talk. About the card, please examine as one month after it was decided a design. But please consult with we sales agent in terminal and the card supporting the hope of the short appointed date of delivery as much as possible willingly.
Q-07 We take the history of the visitor, and will there be the software to manage it?
Answer Removable media (a CF card, a SD card) can save the data of the business history. (only as for the standalone)
Because I prepare for the customer management software that the subcontractor gave a policy to, please consult with the management of data.
Q-08 When the reading and writing to the card was not possible, how should I do it?
Answer Since you can use the card, continuing when the magnetic information on a magnetic card is damaged and destroyed, please carry out a recurrence line to a new card.
Moreover, when using a rewrite card, I carry the function of re-printing and a recurrence line in the stand-alone type altogether as a restoration function of printing.
Q-09 How should it be coped with when an input mistake is made?
Answer In the case of a rewrite card, it is possible to correct data, although the operation methods differ depending on the model.