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Point service knowledge

Point service for sales activation of shop. I want to use well and to do the effect in UP.

Then, let's think by arranging the issue and the operation of Reward Card, and floating on "Point service that doesn't fail"

Stamp seal, stamping, and comparison. Advantage of Point Card

Information can be analyzed, be managed, and it cost neither time nor the cost !

As for the style in the stamp stamping, the stamp pad paper was not brought at the time of shopping, time and the cost in the reissue were generated, and processing in the shop was troublesome.

The customer can be analyzed by making these disadvantages a card, it manage smoothly, and it is possible to tie to strengthening effective sales promotion and serving. In addition, the possibility of a new customer acquisition extends smart by adopting low cost card, too!

Important thing when point card service is introduced

Let's define an objective for what Point Card is necessary.

Most of the case where the introduction did not go well in the past is a case with not clear this part.

"Do you execute it as an opposition plan with another shop?" etc. "What do you want to improve by Point Card?" The problem and the effect of expecting it are clarified and a common view and a body making "Point Card as the strategy on which all employees work" are the overarching points.

What is the view of [Effect of the point]・・・?

"The point has been generated" is an effect !

The point is generated only after there must be sales. Sales also surely do UP to the extent that the point has been generated because it is a point of sales in a word.