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"It corresponds to FeliCa pocket" More convenient, more advanced by one step service.
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CLS-2 color(Turquoise,Lime,Nadeshiko) There and here. The point collects on one card
When a store, a favorite store, etc. which are performing attractive service are chosen and it registers to the card and the mobile wallet corresponding to the Felica pocket, it is service of the new style in which service of the registered store can be received.
If the store which registers its original shopping center in the image built in a card or a cellular phone is increased, your wallet which had swollen up to the limit with many point cards is Smart rapidly!
The procedure is easy, it holds up, and it completes it
The member registration in the shop is time when the name and the address, etc. are filled in on the procedure form like the situation to date, and either sits in the reading part just like time when the point service is received media such as cards and cellular phones corresponding to the FeliCa pocket.
[More familiar... and more fulfilling service...] to the owner of the store which you consider to be.
[Supporter that can be relied on by handy price]It wants to be a supporter of the small shop privately managed. CLS-2 was set from such a wish to a reasonable price in which the load of the introduction cost was able to be suppressed greatly. [It introduces it before the day is out readily]It is a simple reader writer as the point can serve on not a large scale system that needs a lot of time and cost for the introduction of the terminal but the introduced day. [Beauty  and easy  maintenance  always]Because CLS-2 has not installed the card transportation part like the magnetic card terminal, a regular cleaning can not be gotten and be used with the necessity always best. [Fine service pleased of customer]Friendly service such as DM matched to the customer can be provided by memorizing user information(※) to the memory card. Enhancing service such as other prepaid and coupons is also possible.
※ User information : The card number and the user use history, etc. are indicated, and no individual information of the customer.
The specification is seen
● "Felica" is technological method of the contactless IC card that Sony Corp. developed.
● "FeliCa" is registered trademark of Sony Corp.
● "FeliCa pocket" is registered trademark of Sony Corp.
● "mobile wallet" is registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo.