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Introduction of case

ABS-S31 Introduction case
Plaza Create
Introduction date
Introduction number
Card name
DPE multiple store
August,2005 (950)
September,2006 (469)
Point club card
55 station card
Headquarters/store system for the retail store where the store is connected directly with the headquarters is achieved

Introduction details

It came to switch from a past PVC magnetic card to the card with the print changing completely the point of sales system, and our terminal was adopted.


It pays 100 yen from 5 points and next time, it is possible to use it as one point = one yen.

 Object store 
 Palette plaza (Japnese)
 55 station (Japnese)
  Point card

System configuration

■POS: Made by Sharp [RZ-A330NC series(Japnese)]

■Application equipped with POS: Made of sorimachi technique laboratory [UNITE-POS]

■Server: Made of NTT comware
CLS-2 Introduction case
Kamakura Shonan check externals
Introduction date
Introduction model
Card name
Kamakura Shonan area
July 2, 2007
Kamakura Shonan check card
Two kinds of services are operated with 1 piece and 1 equipment

Introduction details

Original service by the contactless IC card using FeliCa was planning planned as "Regional sticking digital cash" and our equipment and CLS-2 that was immediately serviceable and was able to be done by the standalone were adopted.


It is possible to use it in 82 joining stores of the Kamakura Shonan area as a prepaid card. Moreover, it becomes possible to participate also in the stamp rally with the same card, and the multi application of our equipment has been used for the event period.

※The mobile wallet should also use service other than the above-mentioned original card . Please confirm separately about a correspondence model.

Data management

The log used is delivered to the headquarters server in the modem transmission function every day. Please total it to the joining shop at ease.

▲Counter of "House in Kamakura Shonan check sea"
● "Felica" is technological method of the contactless IC card that Sony Corp. developed.
● "Felica" is registered trademark of Sony Corp.
● The "mobile wallet " is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.