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The world of card that beginner also understands
The card of the card of the postscript type to which degrees of the mark and the figure, etc. of the card reader writer one and how many are added fast and the rewritten rewrite type makes the best use of each feature, and is used as an attractive card.However, being trowed "I am happier and want to make the card with individuality" aspect might also come. I introduce the method of the attractive print that cannot be drawn out to this only by designing the card where individuality overflows.For instance, let's feel happiness that uses the card for the customer more in how to save the point and the content of the patient's registration card because the person is devised, and use it happily as a communications tool with which the originality overflows.  
STEP:3 The card is interesting. Attractive print example

Happiness that saves the point to the customer as Point Card of the shop

  To the big illustration with small point !
■ Use card: Card of thermal method (PET)

  It is service of plus alpha to a point card ! It advertises by the chic window.
■ Use card : card of white turbidity system (PET)

Settlement of accounts smart on a visitor as a prepaid card with a premium!

  There is a feeling of profit and a history is also known at a glance !
■ Use card: Card of thermal method (PET)

A participant's feeling of exitement is raised as an amusement and an event card of leisure facilities !

  The play mind is doubled by the puzzle of an original character.
■ Use card : card of leuco method (PET)

The sense of security to the patient as a hospital patient's registration card

  It is easy to be able to understand the treatment status, and to explain. It is a role in informed consent (※).
■ Use card : card of leuco method (PET-G)

※Informed consent : informed -consent (explanation and agreement). What the patient wants to learn about his sickness and medical practice is said and "right to decide" , "right to know it is", and decides the method of treatment for myself is said possession.
[STEP : 1] It is big power in a small card ! About the record of the structure and information.
[STEP : 2] Feeling like write, erase, write, and... the mechanism of rewriting.
[STEP : 3] The card is interesting. Attractive print example.

※"Print example" is the one to tell the card print image plainly, and no one actually used.
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