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The world of card that beginner also understands  
Let's compare the card that you have. There are the one that the mark and the figure, etc. can be printed and the one not printed even if it puts it in the card of a plastic material when putting it in the card reader writer though it is thought that there are some cards that can be done with paper and cards of a plastic material. Furthermore, if it compares, it is that of the direction which can be printed, the thing by which the mark, the number, etc. are rewritten , and a mark like a stamp card. There is a thing with which the number etc. is added. It explains about the difference among these cards that can be printed. 
STEP:2 Feeling like write, erase, write, and... the mechanism of rewriting There are what is added, and a thing which can be written or erased in the kind of card which can be printed, and it is called a "postscript-type card" and a "rewrite (※) -type card", respectively. When heat is applied to those cards by the same structure as thermal papers, such as a receipt, there is the characteristic in which the place to which heat was applied colors, and it serves as a mark and a number and appears. Furthermore, there is the feature said that the portion into which it was coloring when heat was cooled slowly disappears in a rewrite-type card, since the same card can be used repeatedly, it is environment-friendly, and since ink cost does not start, either, it can be said that it is economical. For example, if it puts on the place where in the car which becomes high temperature easily , and a day hit, what was printed may disappear, but since it will reprint if it puts into a card reader writer again, it is safe.
※Rewrite : In the meaning "called rewriting", surface print and elimination repeat any number of times.

The print system of a card

 Thermal system (postscript)
If cost is held down! The using-up type only for an addition
A mark, a number, etc. are black on the card surface, and are printed on it. Since it is a card of the using-up type not disappearing once it writes in, if the area to print is lost, it will take over to a new card. Moreover, since the price of cards is comparatively reasonable, it is recommended to distribute a card to many visitors as much as possible.

It is recommended to the direction which wants to suppress initial investment since the price per card is also cheap!
Safe also to the one where eyesight is weaker, since the printed character can be seen clearly
It is recommended to a direction to leave history information and a direction to distribute freely to many visitors!
 White turbidity system (rewrite)
It is possible to write on the silver side and to erase it! Effective for guidance of an event etc.!
In the silver area where the card surface is glossy, a mark, a number, etc. are white and are printed. Is rewritable about 500 times, and since the same card continues being used, a running cost can be held down. It is economical in especially a store with much number of times of dealings.

In the card of a low-priced rewrite type, it is recommended in the store where a lot of dealings frequencies exist.
The silver sheen produces sharp and a cool image.
It is at the right time recommended to one that is PR like event information etc. on the shop.
 Leuco method (rewrite)
The character is seen easily, and the design is also free! Appeal power on one rank
A mark, a number, etc. are printed on the card surface by blue or black. It is rewritable about 500 times like the card of white turbidity system, and since it continues using the same card, a running cost can be held down. Moreover, since the design of a card is made also into the portion printed, the impressive card which gives other stores and a difference can also be made.
Because a design as free as the shop card can be done, it is recommended to request individuality.
The printed character is safe also in one with weak eyesight because it sees it clearly.
It is at the right time recommended to one that is PR like event information etc. on the shop.

Mechanism of deletion /print of leuco method

[STEP : 1] It is big power in a small card ! About the record of the structure and information.
[STEP : 2] Feeling like write, erase, write, and... the mechanism of rewriting.
[STEP : 3] The card is interesting. Attractive print example.