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The world of card that beginner also understands  
There are various ways to use, and the card as it is not finished to count circulates to our as the bank card, the credit card,point card, and digital cash, etc. They do seemingly the same type, and there is not a difference in working of reading information through the card reader writer, and recording either. However, did you know there was a difference in the record method, the thickness, the material, and the structure of information, and using by the usage properly to the card? Hereafter, we will introduce the feature.

STEP:1 It is big power in a small card! About the record of the structure and information

Magnetic card

The magnetic card is a bank card and a credit card including point card of the shop. It is used in a wide range of fields. The cassette tape, videotape, and the principle record information by thoroughly using +andー of magnetism though it did not see so much now. There are roughly separately two kinds of magnetic cards such as mag stripe cards and the overall magnetic cards.

Mag stripe card
Chiefly, it is used for the membership card of the bank card, the credit card, and facilities. Although IC card of an ATM card or a credit card is progressing in recent years for security reservation, in order to enable it to use like the conventional bank cash card, many types used together with the mag-stripe card are also published.
The material of the card has shifted from past polyvinyl chloride to the material named PET-G that doesn't generate the poisonous substance even if it burns, too.

The overall magnetic card
The back is covered with the magnetic substance, and it is a thin card that can be recorded in all aspects, and there is only a thickness of about 1/3 compared with the mag stripe card. Although the amount of information which can be written in is the same as a mag-stripe card Since it is not bulky even if it is putting into the wallet into the top strong against the price per card being cheaper than a mag-stripe card,and being supple, and breaking and bending, it is used for prepaid cards, such as a telephone card, a Quo card, and a books card, the membership card of a retail store, etc. The approach that considers the environment as the material of the card uses reproduction PET (saving resource material using the PET bottle reproduction raw material) from usual PET (polyester material) is done, too.

Support from a small and medium-sized user such as shops of the private operation has risen because the introduction cost that hangs to the card, the reader writer, and the installation, etc. has fallen every year though either magnetic card is less than IC card that circulates by "Suica" "Edy" etc. the volume of information that can be recorded, too. Moreover, because a free design can be done, the role as the poster column of the shop plays all aspects of the card easily as the shop card.

IC card

"IC card" in which the market scale has expanded in recent years is a control of information where IC (integrated circuit) small, thin chip of about one sesame seeds is buried and a card in a thick plastic card that can be recorded.
It can be called very small computer that is the same as the personal computer that we are using, and installs CPU (processor) and the memory (recording equipment) with the integrated circuit chip. Because the amount to which the integrated circuit chip can be memorized can record about 1.5(Make to the Japanese syllabary and the Chinese character and about 16000 characters) information by making it to about 455 times and the newspapers of the magnetic card when it is IC card of 32KB, various services using the amount are developed. In addition, because the recorded data can be encrypted, it excels in safety, and it has a dramatic effect on also to the card crime prevention such as counterfeits and abuses.

Contact type and contactless IC card
It is divided into "Contact type "and "Contactless" by the difference of the method to read and write data in IC card. IC card of the contact type is a point of contact (terminal) set up on the card side and a card reader writer. The antenna of the coil type is built into in the card, and IC card of contactless is touch to the card, the reader, and the writer, and only to hold up the card, can exchange data while it drinks, the terminal comes in contact, and data is sent and received.
■ Contact type IC card

■ Contactless IC card

[Division of IC card and usage]

contact type
IC card
It is mainly used including the financial field (an ATM card and a credit card), the ETC card, and the UIM card of 3G cellular phone and an overseas telephone card, a B-CAS card for digital broadcasting reception, etc.
IC card
(MIFARE etc.)
Because it is a low cost in the contactless IC card, it is suitable for the management of leisure facilities and amusement/enterprise of the insertion leaving a room.
Security is high, and it is chiefly used as a public system cards such as the basic resident register cards and IC passports.
It is used for the contactless credit such as traffic system such as "Suica", digital cash such as "Edy", and "QUICPay" a lot. "PASMO", "Nanaco" etc. are introduced in 2007, and it has become what sticks to life in addition.
Contact / contactless
all-in-one design
IC card
Now though it has stayed up to now in a part of use such as the basic resident register cards. The market expansion is advanced as the card that can use one various function of the credit card, digital cash, and bank card/point service.
[STEP : 1] It is big power in a small card ! About the record of the structure and information.
[STEP : 2] Feeling like write, erase, write, and... the mechanism of rewriting.
[STEP : 3] The card is interesting. Attractive print example.

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● "MIFARE" is registered trademark of the NXP Semiconductors Co.
● "Felica" is technological method of the contactless card that Sony Corp. developed.
● "Felica" is registered trademark of Sony Corp.