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The world of card that beginner also understands  
Lot of cards circulate in various industries like "finance and settlement", "circulation and service", and "traffic", "ID(※)", "communicate and broadcast", "the administration" etc. at the present age called a card society. I think that there is one card or more also in your purse. The ATM card of a bank, the credit card of a consumer credit company, the point card and prepaid card that are used in the store. If more concrete, traffic system cards, such as "Suica" and "PASMO", will be begun. They are "taspo" currently installed in the vending machine of tobacco, and serious familiar things unseparable from our life, such as electronic money "Edy".

Finance and settlement
of accounts

ATM card, Credit card
Electronic money etc.
Point card
Prepaid card
Examination ticket etc.
Commutation ticket / ticket
Mileage card
ETC card etc.
Employee identification card /
Student's identification card
Contactless IC card key etc.
UIM card (※)
Telephone card
Basic resident register card
IC.driving licence etc.
※The abbreviation for ID…identification. solid discernment, user discernment, and the mark for it. identification.
※UIM card … IC card that recorded contractor information used by the third generation cellular phone and information on telephone number etc. It is called USIM card.
The reading and writing device (card reader writer) especially developed in SANWA NEWTEC is chiefly used to operate the point service and the prepaid service.I introduce the feature of those cards now because there is a kind also in the amount of information that can be written also on the card that records information, the material, and the method of the print.
If the card reader writer's introduction is examined, it refers to this corner by all means, and I think that you can choose the card suitable for the purpose and the usage.

[STEP : 1] It is big power in a small card! About the record of the structure and information.
[STEP : 2] Feeling like write, erase, write, and ... the mechanism of rewriting.
[STEP : 3] The card is interesting. Attractive print example.