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MIFARE card is used in various fields such as negotiation and medical service And it is possible to issue at once with the connection POS or PC.
It can do leuco print , erase rewrite like magnetic card because it is equipped with themal printer.
It is possible to rewrite over and over ,so it widens uses. To take members card for instance, it is efficient to operate to renew expiny date every month.
Like entry card , used card can be reused and repeated.

< Example for use > ・Members card
・entry card
・reservation card
・cruseboading card
print character correspond to not only ANK character but also JIS chinese character first and second standard. Further, it corresponds to length width 4 times angle character and external registered character and possible to print image data The print direction correspond to long print and wide print.

【 Print image 】
The connection PC and POS make it possible to correspond to various uses in many kinds of fields and it corresponds to MIFARE and it is possible to construct high security.
The specification is seen