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Item number
Out line dimension
width:108 × height:175 ×
width:108 × height:153.5 ×
about 2.6kg
about 2.3kg
Card size
width:54mm × height:85.6mm × back:0.195~0.33mm
Card magnetic holding power
139KA / m(1750[Oe])±10%
Magnetic data
record playback style
frequency modulation style (F2F)
Magnetic data record density
Magnetic data record capacity
72character ×3track(contain STX, ETX, LRC)
Print medium

additional style( thermal )
rewrite style ( white cloudness, blue leuco, black leuco )

Print style
line thermal . print head style
Print character kind
JIS first socond standard chinese character,
ANK character, barcode (JAN, CODE 39)
external character
( user defined character : at most 245 kind )
Number of print character
at most : 13 character×22line
( full size )
at most : 13 character×22line
( full size )
print range
width:39mm × length:70mm
erase style
thermal erase head style
card transfer speed
high speed ( read.write ) : 444mm /sec
low speed ( erase.print ) 42~80mm/sec
transmission function
EIA-574(RS-232C 9pin)
※correspond to USB LAN modem
※correspond to USB
indication function
4.7 inch colour liquid crystal touch panel 
7seg LED×3line
input function
function key(touch panel)
memory card type
SD card
Power supply ; input voltage
AC 100V 50 / 60Hz
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