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4.7 inch ( length about 10 cm ×width about 7.5 cm ) colour liquid crystal display equipped with touch panel realize the operation feeling far from stress of choosing setup.
Menu one after another , because there is righ expression which comes from big colour indication and the direct touch and selection.
Do flexble correspondence to each kind of card which is different from the way to print.
And ground work and character colour. Beside, you can make layout and message to print on the display freely and easily.

※ leuco style
  white cloudiness rewrite- style
  thermal style

leuco card (black )
print image
Service of speed is important facter to remove cmplicated feeling and get comfortable . Feeling to the customer of shop. Thanks to class top level high speed card transfer and high speed print , it realize the shortest disposal time as card terminal.
Up the degree of good feeling of special point service

Up the degree of good feeling of special point service

It corresponds to various system configurations.

Prepare for 2 port specification as option , and make it possible to costruct RS- 232 C×2 RS―232C + USB.
It is equipped with RS232C port , one port standard It can change to USB at time of Shipment.
The specification is seen