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It is adoped to the limited counter fairly , larde poss can be set on the poss with space. Saving design.
Possible to do card disposal because durable and exellent thermal head and magnetic head is adopted.
We adopted organization in order that upper cover can be closed and opened widely.
Even if card jam breakout, you can take out easily and safely.
We adopted powerful four- wheel drive style roller . it can reduce card jam and loose rolling largely and promote certain and stable system operation.
( four- wheel drive style roller is our patent )
Possible to connect POSand personal computer at the same time (ABS-S31K only for use)
Make it possible to do seamless information corporation with various device.
Adopting original erase and print organization.
The print of 13 character×20 line and Graphic print comes true.
Abundant variation for various uses. Correspond to rewritable cloudiness rewrite and leuco card ( black blue) additional write style thermal card.
This is your choice clssified with each card character.
Possible to do customer management in business data with the equipment of compact flash
RS 232C port (first port is for standard equipment second port is option)
The specification is seen