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On the contrary, most of the form that tends to an increase every year and is consumed seems to abandoned in a short term as for the demand for copy paper though it was thought that the computerization of information advanced by the spread of the personal computer and the internet, and the quantity consumed of copy paper decreased.
It seems that the consumption of the paper medium that will be used as a confirmation means of information in the future doesn't disappear.
However, as for the global warming prevention which is also a theme international now, the measure is hurried also in the government or the industrial world, and environmental business attracts attention by the flow.
Our company has under such a background. We applied rewrite control technology and developed the rewritable printer which does not consume any copy paper.
Mechanism of print

Mechanism of erase and print

RF tag of the example of a print of the rewritable sheet for factories, and the back

Print side of a sheet (Black)
Print side of a sheet (Blue)
The back of I-Code SLI
(A center is RF tag)
The back of MIFARE
(A center is RF tag)
The back of Frog
(A center is RF tag)

Running cost comparison

   ● Copy paper
 ● Laser printer
 ● Rewritable sheet
 ● Prepeat
Media unit price
about 0.6 yen
about 0.3 yen
(a sheet/number of times of rewriting.)
Article of consumption (toner)
about 3.5 yen
(5% of a print ratio)
0 yen
Running cost
about 4 yen
about 0.3 yen
reference :
power consumption
at the time of operation : 430W
at the time of standby : less than 65W
at the time of operation : 150W
at the time of standby : less than 10W

For example, how much cost merit is born in one year when I replaced the half with a rewritable sheet in the environment that 50 people print 30 pieces each on 1st?
(print ratio 5%, the true operation days: in the case of 240 days)