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A thought of a developer
Development charge of Card reader writer mechanism Shuji Kuroki   We make a product impressing people
I think the charm of the first is the work of one-making to be possible to tell it to people by expressing my desire still in shape. It is the one that originality is necessary to tell my desire, and the awful lot of trouble is sometimes accompanied in the process until the creating the idea. Fortunately it is the continuation of being worried about pressure every time while it is worthwhile in the meaning that it makes use of an idea in the case of me because there is many product development of the firstling. I think that I am simply a feeling to want to 「impress people"」regardless of big things and small things with the thought to stir the will that I was able to get over with a feeling to 「be certainly possible」 in such situation somehow.
Therefore a flexible thought, rich imagination are necessary that they have a person admit that I impress a person namely. It deeply imagines of how, and the standpoint and feelings of the user are and conveyed to shape with what of the cost, the performance, the function, easiness to use, and consider little pleased. It is fertilizing to evolution though a severe opinion might be gotten at times. Thought of the each developer is put to each product. When the feelings are transmitted the destination of the product ahead, and the customer pleases it, I think that what of role to our society comes into view. It adjusts to the market trend and the customer needs while the performance and the function's demanded from the equipment related to the card with the transition in the age evolving further, too and diversifying it, it wants to aim at a surprising commodity in the originality, and to aim to develop.