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item number
( no dispenser )
( a dispenser )
out line dimension
(unit : mm)
width:102 × height:89 × back:237
width:102 × height:155.8 × back:353.4
about 1.9kg
about 3.1kg
card size
width:53.9mm × length:85.6mm × thickness:0.22 mm・0.26 mm
card magnetic holding power
magnetic data
record playback style
frequency modulation style (F2F)
magnetic data record density
210BPI ± 20%
magnetic data record capacity
72character / track(contain STX, ETX, LRC)
print medium
additional write style (thermal)
rewrite style ( white cloudiness,Blue leuco,black leuco)
print style
line thermal . print head style
print character kind
JIS first second standard chinese character, ANK character
number of print character
at most 13character × 20 line ( full size )
print range
width:39mm × length:70mm
erase style
thermal erase head style
card transfer speed
high speed ( read.write ):320mm / sec
low speed ( erase.print ):30~57mm / sec
RS – 232C conformity
indication function
input function
memory card type
Power supply ; input voltage
DC24V±1V rating 4.1A peak 7.0A
Card dispenser
(the number of stored card)
300 cards
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