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Reduce part point to necessary smallest. It renewed as the card reader writer which has simple structure. Beside, the degree of quality and performance are maintained
As they are,it realize the lower price. So that we wish this price merit will contribute To the new field.
Adpt original mechanism which is simple structure and do good performance It prevents the loss of customer who operate card reader writer and it is helpful to michief prevention , shutter structure is setup as option ,so that it may correspond to. (※only CR- 17RWS)
Proud of top share in industry in the field of pay television system of hospital and hotel

As other example for use
◎amusement machine for business use
◎Golf trainnig place ball lending machine
◎And auto setter
◎Batting center – trainning bat syste
◎Each kind of paking lot bicycle parking lot
◎Home delivery locker

These are utilized as prepaid card and point card system.
The specification is seen